Criteria for RRI Practitioner Diploma


The Resonance Repatterning Institute (RRI) is a virtual global institute. It offers a Practitioner Diploma (and later an Advanced Practitioner Diploma) for the successful completion of the RRI requirements for graduation, along with a lifetime listing on the RRI website.

There are five requirements:

1.   Attend the first five Resonance Repatterning seminars In-person or Online – Fundamentals through Five Element and Meridians. Seminar schedule

2.   Read the first five books for the above seminars plus the SPIRAL UP book.

3.   Complete the skills development Assignments in the back of each of these books.

4.   Watch the Home Study video by Chloe Faith Wordsworth demonstrating all the Energizing Options in the SPIRAL UP book Spiral Up! Energizing Options

Teachers also recommend that students watch the Home Study video of Chloe Wordsworth demonstrating the Polarity Contacts – especially for students interested in energy work or who want to use Polarity for self-help, or for practitioners who may want to teach Resonance Repatterning in the future Home Study: Polarity Contacts

5.   Observations listed below: Students are observed doing a Repatterning Process and Energizing Options to ensure confidence doing sessions and basic competence

Observations: List of Repatterning Processes

Students demonstrate ONE Repatterning from the following list:

1.   Parental Repatterning

2.   Earlier Experience Repatterning

3.   Sound Frequency Repatterning

4.   Chakra Repatterning with the Earlier Experience

Requirements for RRI graduation

5.   Five Element Repatterning with the Earlier Experience

6.   Five Element Qualities Repatterning

Observations: List of Energizing Options

Students are observed doing the Energy Constriction Release, in addition to at least one Energizing Option from each category.

◉   PROCESS OPTIONS: ECR plus Fusion or Diffusion

◉   SOUND OPTIONS: Toning, Harmonic Overtones, Tuning Forks, Ayurvedic Sounds

◉   COLOR AND LIGHT OPTIONS: Circles in the Three Dimensions, Cleansing the Energy Field with the Seven Colors plus Overtones, CYW Torch, CYW Lenses

◉   MOVEMENT OPTIONS: Calming Cross-Overs, Diaphragm Anxiety Release, Somatic Movements, Chi Kung Bounce, Holding and Circulation, Five Element Movements with Sounds

◉   BREATH OPTIONS: Control Pause with Thymus Tap, Calming Breath, Throat Breathing

◉   ENERGY CONTACT OPTIONS: Harmonizing Contact, Cranial Contacts, Jin Shin points, Polarity Contacts, Meridian Massage, Mu Acupuncture Points

Different options for student observations

Be aware that Meridian-Five Elements Teachers endorsed by the Resonance Repatterning Institute have some flexibility in how to best support students in their RRI graduation process and observations.

The following {a-d} are four ways teachers may choose for completing the observation requirement for graduation, all endorsed by the Resonance Repatterning Institute.


Requirements for RRI graduation

a.   Some Meridian-Five Element teachers choose to have support groups, either in person or online, where students do some Energizing Options and a Repatterning from the list, receiving encouragement and respectful feedback to help them develop their confidence and competence. Students learn from observing each other’s work and hearing the teacher’s feedback.

b.   Some Meridian-Five Element teachers have the students’ first observation after the third seminar – Transforming Unconscious Patterns – to build each students’ confidence. In this way, students are encouraged early on in their training that they can do Resonance Repatterning and the observation helps them overcome any fears about being observed.

The teacher and the student choose whether they want to be observed doing the Energy Constriction Release or a Repatterning from the list. They have a month to practice with fellow students so they come prepared.

In the observation the teacher appreciates what they do well and gives enough feedback for them to easily digest and integrate it into their future sessions and observations.

c.   Some Meridian-Five Elements teachers have a mentoring system. There are two kinds of mentors:

1.   Advanced Practitioners with their RRI Advanced Diploma, at least six months of professional practice and the potential to become RR teachers in the future.

2.   Other RRI teachers of Fundamentals – Chakras.

All observations are UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THE MERIDIAN TEACHER, who is the one endorsing the student for their RRI Diploma.

1.   Advanced Practitioner mentors or RRI Teachers who are mentors retake the series with the Meridian teacher free of charge, and in exchange they mentor a student in the series, also free of charge.

2.   The mentor commits to the complete series and to mentoring their student throughout the series.

3.   The mentor and student do exchange sessions together from the Assignments in the back of each book. The student learns from receiving sessions from an experienced Advanced Practitioner/RR Teacher and from giving sessions to their mentor. And the mentor practitioner/teacher gains experience supporting students, giving feedback in a positive way so it is heard and can be integrated.

4.   The mentor also has the opportunity to retake the series free.

5.   The mentor observes the student doing Energizing Options throughout the series as well as experiencing the student’s sessions and Repatterning Processes.

6.   The mentor gives the Meridian Teacher feedback and together they ensure the student’s progress.

7.   The Teacher may choose to have a group master class to observe each student and give feedback. Or if the mentor has some doubt about a student being ready to graduate, the Teacher will observe the student herself.

8.   If the student has problems with a mentor, the Teacher will handle this in a way that most supports the student.

d. Group session observations: Some teachers prefer to wait until the basic series of five seminars is complete before they observe their students. They organize group sessions so students can learn from watching each other and benefit from the feedback the teacher gives each person.

Process for Practitioner graduation

1. Teacher emails the RRI Administrator: [email protected] that (name of student)

– has completed all required assignments and observations

– is ready to graduate from the Resonance Repatterning Institute

– Teacher COPIES practitioner on this email

2.  Teacher ensures that the practitioner has registered/created an account at login.

The RRI Diploma can only be sent once this step is completed.

3. On receiving Teacher’s email, the RRI Administrator updates the student record.

4.  Five days after Teacher has notified RRI (as per #1), Practitioner goes to login, purchases the product and then provides his/her name as wanted on the Diploma.

5. Your Diploma will be mailed to you.

6. You are welcome to complete the steps for your Advanced Practitioner Diploma.

How to list yourself as a practitioner on the RRI website

1.  Login



4.  Please UPLOAD your photograph