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1. Attend the first six seminars in-person, online or by online courses
  • Fundamentals; Primary Patterns; Transforming Unconscious Patterns; Chakra Patterns; Five Element and Meridian Patterns; Inner Cultivation Through the Twelve Meridians followed by the in-person or online seminar.
  • If attending an in-person seminar, make sure your teacher signs and dates your Seminar Attendance (on condition that you attend the complete seminar).
    • If unable to attend the complete seminar you may take the part you missed after which your teacher will sign your attendance form.
    • When an RR Teacher signs your attendance form, they are confirming that you have attended the complete seminar.
  • For those taking online seminars and Home Study video courses you will fill out your seminar attendance with the date and the name of your teacher.
  • You will need your Seminar Attendance for Practitioner Certification, Advanced Practitioner Certification and for applying to be a teacher of Resonance Repatterning. Please file in a plastic folder and bring to every in person seminar you attend.  RRI_SeminarAttendance
2. Go to the Home Study tab at & access the videos of Chloe demonstrating the Energizing Options for the first five seminars including the Polarity Contacts
  • Listen to the explanations Chloe gives for each Energizing Option and observe how she demonstrates each one.
  • Go through each Energizing Option yourself as Chloe talks you through it.
  • Observe how she teaches each Option – by giving the basic way of doing the Option and then, every time you repeat it, she keeps adding a little more information.
  • Practice talking a friend, family member or client through each Energizing Option – after you have listened to the video.
3. Complete all Assignments in the back of the current edition of each RR manual (2014 editions to the present edition are counted as “current”)
  • Read each seminar book cover to cover.
  • Make sure you have completed each Repatterning (from Fundamentals through Inner Cultivation) on yourself and someone else, even if this Assignment is not in your edition of the manuals. At the Practitioner Certification level, the student needs to have experienced doing and receiving all the Repatternings.
  • File your session records using separate folders for:
    • the self-sessions
    • the sessions on others
    • the sessions you receive from others: give the name of the Practitioner doing the session, the date received and the Repatterning completed
    • the sessions you receive from Certified Practitioners and/or Advanced Certified Practitioners: give the name of the Practitioner doing the session, the date received and the Repatterning completed
    • the sessions you receive from RR endorsed Teachers: give the name of the Teacher doing the session, the date received and the Repatterning completed
    • we recommend, if possible, that you give some sessions to Certified Practitioners, Advanced Certified Practitioners and RR Teachers
  • File the records in the same order as listed in each manual, to make it easy for the RR Teacher to see your records. Some students file their records in a large 3-ring binder with dividers for self-sessions, sessions on others and sessions received.
  • RR Teacher needs to see all the above records and then needs to sign the “sign-off” page in the back of each manual.
  • Receive at least one Repatterning from a Certified Practitioner and/or an Advanced Certified Practitioner (if none available receive this session from a teacher).
  • Receive at least two Resonance Repatterning sessions from two different RR endorsed Teachers – using different sessions from Primary Patterns, TUPs, Chakras, Meridian & Inner Cultivation books.
4. Be observed
  • Download the Practitioner Certification Observation form and practice being observed by your colleagues as many times as you need before being observed by a TeacherPractitioner Observation
  • RRI Endorsed Teacher observes the student using the Practitioner Certification form.
  • Be observed by any Resonance Repatterning Teacher endorsed at the Five Element & Meridian level doing the following:
    • An Energy Constriction Release
    • A short Fusion that includes the Lost Quality Retrieval and forgiveness and the Tuning Forks as an Energizing Option
    • The Parental Repatterning
    • Giving explanations of muscle checking as if to a new client, *[cr] and Resonance Repatterning — what it is and does as per the Certification Observation form
    • The following Energizing Options: the Chi Kung Bounce, Holding & Circulation; Harmonic Overtones; Cranial Contacts; Four Jin Shin Points (of the Observers choice)
  • If a student is well prepared, only two observation sessions should be needed. In the USA the price of the observation is $150 per session.
5. Certification process

Teacher emails the RRI Administrator at: [email protected] that:

  1.  all Assignments in the back of each manual and all sessions have been completed

2.  all observation(s) have been approved

3.  if Teacher judges that the practitioner is competent for Practitioner Certification, Teacher ensures that the practitioner has registered/created an account at > login.

4.  practitioner is ready to be certified & copies the practitioner on this email.

5.  on receiving Teacher’s email, Administrator updates the student record.

6.  Five days after Teacher has notified RRI (as per #4), practitioner goes to login & pays the one-time charge of $50 for processing the Certification Diploma (giving his/her name as wanted on the certificate).

6. Congratulations
  • Your Diploma will be mailed to you.