Specific results people & animals experience
Cat and Dog
A family’s aggressive terrier and their intimidated cat did not get along. The dog’s positive action was a prenatal self-healing that the dog himself had to do. The practitioner decided to talk to the family about this strange positive action. But they phoned her first to say that on their return to the house, they found the dog huddled in a fetal position under their bed, something he had never done before. Seeing him there, they told him how much they loved him, which was exactly the response his Positive Action had called for!

In the cats first session, her Positive Intention was, “I take control of my fears and channel that energy into showing (the dog) how we can work together as a team.” The cat needed to resonate with, “I lose my self-worth when respect is not given.”

As a result of their pets’ sessions, the family says “The cat’s standing on her own four paws. The two of them are not fighting and there is peace in the house.”

Dog Depression
A Golden Retriever, who was a seeing-eye dog retiree, suffered from depression and extreme submissiveness. After her first RR session, the owner skeptically reported some change for the better until the sudden death of Annie, the cat, the dog’s best friend. Another session around the recurrence of the Retriever’s depression led to an Earlier Experience Repatterning and the dog’s trauma at seeing Annie dead. An Energizing Option shifted her negative frequencies, and the convinced owner reported that her dog was no longer depressed or submissive.

Asthma gone in one session
After 30 years of symptoms, my client’s asthma was gone. One dissonant belief was “I have to have asthma in order to rest and have time away from my busy schedule.” We did a powerful Energy Constriction Release and her resonance with some sexual issues also changed. Her session ended with the Quantum Healing code #12 left-right eye movements. After just this one session, she ran 4 miles with no asthma… and has only used her inhaler twice in the year following her session, and that was during a stressful move.

Overnight recovery
An Australian practitioner wrote, “I have just finished two RR sessions on my son who had one of the worst asthma attacks he had experienced in the past two years. The results have been amazing. He virtually recovered overnight and asked me to do another session for him today.”

Bi-Polar Disorder
Things started to change
A South African practitioner’s client had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. The Earlier Experience Repatterning revealed that, because of having been born prematurely, he had been in an incubator for a month. He also needed a Diffusion Repatterning. Throughout the session the client looked very down, sad, sat with his shoulders hunched and only looked up when he had to communicate.

Two weeks later, the practitioner was surprised to see him. “When I left here, I was definitely not coming back,” he told her. “But then things started to change, and I am not depressed any more, so I am back, and you must carry on. I don’t understand how you do it, but just carry on.” After four sessions, he reunited with the woman he loved and was considering marriage.

My health has been a constant struggle for me for many, many years. In my twenties I nearly died from bulimia and have spent the past 25 years trying to heal myself. When I arrived home from (my first Resonance Repatterning) seminar I felt nervous. But a definite immediate shift took place. It was so profound… is it possible that I have found a way to be my own healer? I am elated. I thank you deeply.
Chronic depression
A client had been experiencing chronic depression for years and was on medication. Muscle checking indicated a Birth Process Repatterning. Depression was the negative feeling associated with her birth process. This led to the discovery that the client had been born in a delivery room where the previous birth was a stillbirth. She had continued to resonate with this first experience of life as death and loss. Since our session, her depression has shifted to a higher frequency and she has not experienced any of her old symptoms.
Dreaded Class
After our session, I went in to teach my dreaded class, and found I had no fear. I must have really connected, because one student came up to me at the end and said “That was a great class!” Thank you.

Life time of fear
Two or three hours following the last session, I felt this fear lift and I felt free. That was the first waking hour of my whole life that I had been without fear. It hasn’t come back. This work is so amazing, thank you.

Swimming with dolphins
A client came to a practitioner for a session before leaving to swim with the dolphins in Florida. Her motivation was fear of drowning and being uncomfortable in “deep water.” The motivating factor was a painful past memory in an archetypal experience in which she committed suicide by drowning herself in front of her father to “get back at him.” She also had two near-drowning experiences in this lifetime in which CPR was administered.

She didn’t resonate with any of her positive statements: “I am safe, secure and will always be taken care of no matter where I am,” “Go with the joy and flow of life,” and “I am okay the way I am.” The higher purpose was “Love myself unconditionally,” and “Trust in my higher self.” An Energy Constriction Release identified feelings of “the void” and guilt around her mother’s having had a C-section when the client was born and then her mother’s being told she couldn’t have any more children.

She needed to hear the G# tuning fork in her left ear and the G tuning fork in her right ear while listening to the developmental need: “You can find a way of doing things that works for you” — repeated three times followed by the Om tuning fork on all her chakras from earth to crown.

When she returned from her trip, she phoned to report that she had had a wonderful time. She’d even gone swimming by herself, something she’d been incapable of doing before. She felt energized and so appreciative for the session she had received.

Gag reflex
I gave a session to a friend who had life endangering vomiting persisting into her 5th month of pregnancy. Even after the birth of her child she would gag when she coughed or yawned. Her over-developed gag reflex disappeared from the first hour we balanced her system. She is now pregnant again and has had no vomiting for the first thirteen weeks and very little even now.
Hip pain
A client didn’t like being around people and was quiet and withdrawn. Unknown to me she also had severe hip pain which made walking up stairs difficult and painful, and made sleeping at night difficult. After one session, she came to our seminar the next day. We saw that she was full of life, and talking to everyone. She was amazed that she felt comfortable in the group, even enjoyed hugging people for the first time. The night before, she had climbed up stairs and slept through the night, free of hip pain.

Mother and son
I have had wonderful results especially with my seven-year-old son. He has had chronic aches and pains in his stomach, ribs and feet that have now completely vanished. He is also doing 100% better in school.

Beyond agoraphobia
The client was a woman who had been diagnosed with agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces. The woman’s positive intention was to be symptom free during an upcoming long journey, something that would otherwise be impossible for her.

Because the practitioner was already booked, she agreed to do a short Mu Point Repatterning on her. The client needed all the midline mu points. The practitioner shone the Color Torch over the points as the woman repeated the consonant sounds for each mu point. Next she needed all the bilateral mu points with either blue or purple filters in the Color Torch while the woman repeated the appropriate consonant sound.

As a result of that one session, the woman felt no anxiety or panic during her journey. She had no nausea and didn’t feel dizzy or faint. She was able to walk, went on expeditions, and decided that her New Year’s resolution for the following year would be to have a session for her phobia of flying!

During a seminar, a practitioner volunteered for the Mu Point Repatterning for her claustrophobia, knowing that she would soon repeat a climb up Diamond Head in Hawaii that had been such a harrowing experience in 1995. Her positive actions were to do the Meridian consonant sounds for the kidneys between 6 and 7 a.m. for 21 days.

She says that thanks to the Mu Point Repatterning, “the tunnel was nearly a foot over my head and I discovered that two people can stand shoulder to shoulder without even touching the walls! I could even see where I was going once my eyes adjusted to the darkness. The climb seemed incredibly short. I gave no thought at all to going back through the tunnel.”

My client was surprised to discover that an extra benefit of her sessions about her relationship with her daughter was that she no longer craved coffee. Her “coffee addiction” had disappeared as her relationship to herself improved, along with her relationship with her daughter.
Swimming titles
A South African practitioner’s client, a top swimmer in the US for many years, who had never broken a world record, wanted a session to help him relax before an important swimming competition so that he try once more to break a record.

In his session the negative belief that had constantly stopped him from winning was a message from his father: “You are so good, but you will never make the important races.” The client had to cancel his next appointment, but weeks later, he left this message for the practitioner: “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I not only broke one world record but three – one in South Africa and two in Australia!”

Light in blind spots
An RR client with a genetic eye disorder (her father was legally blind at 40), started working on vision issues with RR practitioners and noticed an immediate improvement in her vision. She even started driving again after dark. While she has not regained the picture decoding ability in the “blind spots,” she no longer has darkness these areas — they are now filled with light. She feels that this is why her night vision improved so much and was looking forward to taking the Vision Seminar herself.
In 1998 I had an RR session and knew right away that I needed to study this work. 3 years later I was diagnosed with Lupus after an attack that left me paralyzed and in excruciating pain. RR had opened my eyes so I was convinced that I didn’t have to live on cortisone for the rest of my life or die. I had hope. I explored everything that would allow me to handle this autoimmune disease and also live a fulfilling life. Resonance Repatterning is my core work and one of the key pieces in my continuing process of healing.
Milli Diericx

Author of Befriending the Wolf: the guide to living and thriving with Lupus , RR Practitioner, MEXICO

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Unconscious beliefs
Unconscious beliefs cause disturbed emotional responses that manifest as any problem, trauma or stress you are experiencing.
Muscle checking
With the Muscle Checking tool (also called Applied Kinesiology), your Practitioner is able to quickly identify the de-energizing patterns associated with your problem that stop you from manifesting your goals and living your best.
Energizing Options
With the input of energy from the SPIRAL UP Energizing Options, your resonance with your problem, stress, de-energizing belief patterns and disturbed emotional responses are transformed.

Energizing Options – ancient and modern healing modalities – include Sound, Color and Light, Movement, Breath, Energy Contacts and Essential Oils.

Length of session
Resonance Repatterning sessions are generally 30 minutes, 1-hour or 90 minutes in length. (A few practitioners offer longer and more intensive coaching if the client requests this.)
Session fees
Upon request, each Practitioner, Certified Practitioner and Advanced Certified Practitioner will provide you with their fee structure.
Self sessions
If you learn Resonance Repatterning yourself, you can do two-minute or one hour sessions on yourself, your partner or your children whenever the need arises.
Common results people experience
  1. Relief from distress and upset

2. Feeling calm, more relaxed and a renewed sense of joy from within

3. A sense of well-being

4. A positive mental outlook and resonance with desired outcomes to create positive change

5. Improved health: as resonance with past non-coherent patterns shift, many people observe a change in their health or now start getting results from the positive actions being taken

6. A sense of unity and harmony in relationships

7. A new sense of hope – that anything is possible – and relief from depression

8. Relief from specific problems such as smoking issues, addictions, trauma, etc.