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Seminar Title : 07 Principles of Relationship

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Home Study + Live online seminar

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  • The Principles of Relationship seminar is about┬ákeeping our heart open
  • learning to live┬áthe six languages of love
  • and building our relationships on each other\'s strengths.
  • Powerful Repatternings shift our resonance with bonding and separation issues from childhood that are superimposed on present relationships and life issues.

In this online course Chloe will demonstrate as many of the 14 Repatternings as possible, and participants -- whether present or listening to the audio -- are welcome to proxy in to the sessions. This seminar supports healing of our relationships and new learning to expand our capacity as RR practitioners.

We meet over six weekly class sessions of 3 1/2 hours, starting on January 9th and ending on February 20th, with a break on January 23rd.

In the HOME STUDY portion, required before attending the online seminar, Chloe covers all the information she gives in a longer in-person seminar plus more that she doesn\'t have time to cover! Go to the HOME STUDY tab to register for this $175 video training with Chloe.

Re-takers are encouraged to enjoy and learn from the Home Study course, although it is not required. The information in the Home Study course is an important resource that is not be covered in the online seminar.

  • For registration and seminar details please go to
  • For questions and online queries contact Carolyn:

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01/09/19 - 02/20/19



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07 Principles of Relationship