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Primary Patterns of RR is the 2nd Course in the GraduateTraining Series. This course addresses our primary patterns related to our self-image; how we express ourselves creatively; how we think; the impact our thoughts have on ourselves and others; the power of appreciation; and our capacity to create & maintain our commitments.  In addition, you will learn many additional modalities (Energizing Options) and 5 new repatternings designed to support a natural growth to higher states of awareness, consciousness and well-being.

Prerequisite:  Fundamentals of RR.

Payment in full is required up front for the complete Graduate Training Series. The price indicated below reflects the total investment for all 5 courses. For more info, contact [email protected] or call 512/389-3990.

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02/08/21 - 02/18/21



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02 Primary Patterns