People ask me two questions,

1.  “What can I do to know if studying Resonance Repatterning is for me?”

2.  “What can I do to prepare myself before taking my first Fundamentals seminar?”

The first thing I would do is have some sessions

When you experience some Resonance Repatterning sessions, you’ll know if Resonance Repatterning is something you want to learn for your own personal interest and to use with your family, or even to do as a profession.

Sometimes people simply want RR sessions. Others are absolutely clear they want to learn the Resonance Repatterning system themselves.

If you do decide to take an RR seminar, having had some RR sessions will make learning Resonance Repatterning easy … it will all feel quite familiar to you.

Another option is to start using SPIRAL UP! 127 Energizing Options to be your best right now (by Chloe Faith Wordsworth)

SPIRAL UP is different from Quantum Change Made Easy.

It includes all the Energizing Options (self-healing modalities) from Sound, Color and Light, Movement, Breath and Energy Contacts taught in the first five Resonance Repatterning seminars.

It gives you Eleven Ways to use the Energizing Options without your needing to first attend a Resonance Repatterning seminar or learn the muscle checking tool.

Knowing some of the Energizing Options before you take your first RR seminar will give you a sense of familiarity and self-confidence as you come to apply them in relation to an actual session.

If you are really keen, you can download the videos of the Energizing Options for the Fundamentals seminar.

The A-Z of Muscle Checking Home Study Course

Muscle checking (also known as muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology) is the tool we use in Resonance Repatterning to access the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

The autonomic nervous system gives us reflex responses through the muscles that, with training, we can use for giving us “on” (active) / ”off” (inactive) muscle responses as a way to discover what energizes and de-energizes us.

In the A-Z of Muscle Checking, you can access everything Chloe has learned in the last forty years about muscle checking — information, demonstrations, how to muscle check yourself and the power and limitations of muscle checking.

  • This course is excellent for all those who want to learn muscle checking for using along with the Spiral Up book
  • For those of you who want to prepare yourself before attending your first Fundamentals seminar
  • For students and RR Practitioners who want an excellent recap on muscle checking with hints on how to explain muscle checking to others
  • And for RR Teachers this course is a resource for your students, either before or after they attend the first few seminars, for those who want more confidence and need a recap at their own pace of what they have learned with you

Living in Tune Radio Shows

You can listen free of charge to the 52 Living in Tune web radio shows.

Chloe talks about different aspects of body, mind & spirit in relation to Resonance Repatterning. Each show has a different theme with inspiring stories, powerful information & a Living in Tune Resonance Repatterning session on someone who calls in.

Read Quantum Change Made Easy (by Chloe Faith Wordsworth with Gail Glanville)

Quantum Change Made Easy gives you an excellent understanding of what Resonance Repatterning is about, along with some fascinating client stories that illustrate each aspect of the RR system.

At the end of each chapter are ACTION STEPS, which allow you to use simple Resonance Repatterning processes without needing to attend an RR seminar or learn the muscle checking tool.

One man told me that he and his wife were reading a chapter each evening and would then do the Action Steps together. They had never had a session and as far as I know never took a seminar. So even by itself, QCME can be quite meaningful. It’s also wonderful doing the Action steps with your children. They love them!

Finally, there is nothing quite like attending your first Fundamentals seminar to know if Resonance Repatterning really is for you!

Resonance Repatterning is taught with sensitivity, warmth, compassion and fun. All the teachers use the RR Orientation Key to help a new group relax and feel safe. New Learning only happens when we feel secure within ourselves and with the group.

The Energizing Options along with movement throughout the seminar keep everyone’s energy high. Most people say they have more energy at the end of the seminar than they had at the beginning.

You can attend Resonance Repatterning seminars in-person, online and by a Home Study course (that provides information) along with an in-person or online seminar, which provides the practical training.