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Teacher Reference

Teacher Reference
  • Ask an RR endorsed teacher who teaches the 5 Element and Meridian seminar if she/he is willing to mentor you as an RR Teacher.
  • Make sure you have a Teacher who is willing mentor you BEFORE completing Step 2 through Step 5.
  • Have the Teacher mentor write to the Teacher Training Committee ([email protected]) endorsing you for Teacher Training — include the following information:
    • Name of practitioner you are endorsing
    • Date
    • This practitioner has received both her/his RRI Practitioner Diploma and Advanced Practitioner Diploma?
    • Why do you feel (name) would be an excellent teacher of Resonance Repatterning?
    • Do you believe that (name) is ready to market her/him self and her/his Resonance Repatterning seminars?
    • Do you have any reasons why you feel it might be wise for (name) to wait a a little longer before training to be an RR teacher?