– For the Fundamentals Teacher Training –

Teacher Reference

Teacher Reference
  • Ask an RR endorsed teacher who teaches the 5 Element and Meridian seminar if she/he is willing to mentor you as an RR Teacher.
  • Make sure you have a Teacher who is willing mentor you BEFORE you fill out the Application form.

Complete your Application

Application Form

Once Accepted

Login and pay the training fee
  • Once accepted, RRI will give you the go ahead to register and login as a “Teacher” — at this point you are a Teacher-in-Training and your students are automatically credited for the seminars they take with you.
  • Login to your account and create your Teacher Bio which you will find on the MY ACCOUNT page
  • The cost of the Fundamentals training is $1200
    • $900 is paid to RRI (login and pay under TEACHER TRAINING)
    • $300 is paid to your Teacher Training Mentor (TTM), who will observe you and answer your questions. You are welcome to choose your own Teacher Training Mentor (TTM)
    • You are now ready to complete STEP 4: THE TRAINING