– For the Fundamentals Seminar –

Receive the Fundamentals Teaching “Cards”

Fundamentals Teacher Process Cards
  • Once you have paid for your Fundamentals Training you will be emailed the Fundamentals Teacher Process Cards (known as the Teacher Cards) and be given access to the Fundamentals Teacher Training video, which you can access whenever you like.
  • Email the Teacher Cards attachment to your local printer with the following printing details:
    • Paper: white
    • Paper: light cardstock.
    • Two cards per sheet of paper. ie 1st sheet: p.1 & p.2 — 2nd sheet: p.3 & p.4 — etc. (Make sure your printer understands this so you don’t receive two copies of each page!)
    • Trim/cut to size: 5″ x 7.5″
  • Paperclip each A. B. C. section together — as you see that I have done in the video training.
Teacher Training video
  • Along with your Teacher Cards, watch the Fundamentals Teacher Training Home Study Course with Chloe Faith Wordsworth.
  • Write down any questions that arise for you, which you will bring to your Teacher Mentor.
  • Be so familiar with the video and your Teaching Cards that you embody the Fundamentals – you make it your own. Think about each section. Notice why each section follows on another, how one section builds on what has come before and prepares for what is to come.


Teacher practice
  • Practice teaching any part of the Cards with a family member or friend — wherever you want to feel more confident.

Three Hours of Teacher Coaching

Teacher Coaching
  • The fee of $300 for this part of the Teacher Training is paid directly to your Teacher Mentor. You may choose your Teacher Mentor from the list of Teachers who are endorsed by RRI to teach the Five Element & Meridian seminar.
  • The mentoring program may be in-person, online or by skype.
  • Your Teacher Mentor will observe you:

1. Teaching some of the Fundamentals Energizing Options that you need to know by heart — as though you are teaching a group of students (it is best if you have a friend with you).

2. Explaining (mcs) and *[cr].

3. Demonstrating one of the Fundamentals Repatternings.

4. Teaching any part of the Cards where you want your Mentor’s support and feedback. Your Mentor is there to support you in being the best teacher possible. This observation is not a test!

5. After teaching your first seminar, discuss with your Mentor where things went well and where the energy dropped.

  • Your Mentor may have you practice a few of the above in a seminar situation.
  • What you learn from teaching in-person is essential before you teach online seminars. Chloe encourages all teachers to be very confident teaching in-person seminars before teaching online. Demonstrating Energizing Options online can be challenging.