– For the Fundamentals Teacher Training –

Teach (3) seminars
1. Preparation for your first seminar: Marketing
  • Check out local networking groups.
  • Give talks, demonstrations and small group sessions.
  • Talk to everyone you meet about Resonance Repatterning.
  • Many teachers encourage their clients to begin studying Resonance Repatterning. The best students are always those who have had sessions and read Quantum Change Made Easy and/or Spiral Up.
  • Have people go to the website where they can listen to audios and videos on Resonance Repatterning (bottom of the Home Page), Living in Tune radio shows, Chloe demonstrating all the Energizing Options in Spiral Up book and they can access the Home Study Fundamentals Energizing Options.
2. Preparing the space
  • Are the chairs comfortable? Sit in every chair and make sure participants can see you without straining their neck or sitting behind someone who blocks their view.
  • Is there a wall behind where you will be teaching (not windows).
  • Do you have the Spiral Up poster and Mandala Poster. These add color and you will refer to them throughout the Fundamentals.
  • Do you have a table behind your chair for all your supplies, books, pens etc.
  • Preferably have a friend who is a non-paying re-taker to help you with set up, snacks, reminding you of the time (for breaks and lunch), for clean up after the seminar, to write down student questions (that you may want to pass on to your TTM) and for general support. Your whole focus needs to be on teaching. Make sure you have the support you need so this is possible.
  • You may also want your helper to jot down areas that went very well and other areas where the energy dropped, or the interest lagged. (Talk about this with your TTM after the first seminar and how you want to improve for your second seminar).
3. The day before you teach
  • Re-read parts of your Fundamentals book.
  • Look at your Teacher Cards.
  • What are your intentions for the seminar: do sessions to resonate with your intentions.
4. If possible prepare the space the night before
5. Arrive early
  • Some students like to arrive early. It is important that you arrive sufficiently early to set up your table and be free to welcome students as they arrive.
6. After the seminar
  • Write down what went well for you and for the students.
  • Write down where you felt a wobble, lost your confidence, didn’t feel like you handled a challenging person or situation as well as you could have done. You will talk with your TTM about your perception of the “good and the bad” and anything your re-take helper observed. These observations and talking with your TTM is a major support for your learning.
7. Improvement takes time
  • Improvement takes time, energy and practice. It doesn’t happen by itself.
  • Every time you teach, you need integrate what you have learned from teaching the previous seminar.
8. Teacher Training Diploma
  • After teaching your third seminar, you may receive your RRI Teacher Certification Diploma.
  • If the student feedback has been integrated and both you and your TTM feel you’re ready, you’re welcome to move forwared to training for the Primary Patterns seminar