– For the Fundamentals Teacher Training –

Essential Steps

Network for your first seminar
  • Check out local networking groups.
  • Give talks, demonstrations and small group sessions.
  • Talk to everyone you meet about Resonance Repatterning.
  • Many teachers encourage their clients to begin studying Resonance Repatterning. The best students are always those who have had sessions and read Quantum Change Made Easy and/or Spiral Up.
  • Have people go to the website where:
    • they can watch videos on Resonance Repatterning
    • they can listen free of charge to the Living in Tune radio shows
    • they can see Chloe demonstrating all the Energizing Options in the Spiral Up book (essential if teaching an online)
    • they can access the Home Study for The 43 Fundamentals Energizing Options taught in the Fundamentals seminar
Schedule your seminar at the RRI website
  • Login into your account and schedule your seminar on the MY ACCOUNT page.
Process for Ordering Books

1. At present you need to order your books from > STORE. In the future all books will be on Amazon which will be more economical in terms of shipping costs.

2. Books must be ordered online. For Spanish books, the first time you put in an order, you may want to do it with a friend who reads English.

3. Leave at least 14 business days PRIOR to your seminar to provide time for printing, mailing (and for international orders leave 21 business days for clearing Customs).

  • IF LATE in ordering, you may need to pay extra for priority mail, which is expensive.

4. It is much more economical to buy a box of books. Mailing is very expensive if you buy only one or two books. Talk to the teacher mentors who are experienced buying in quantity and can give you more information on the most economical way to order your books.

5. How  to order your books online

  • Click on the Tab: STORE (at the top)
  • Scroll down to: Teacher and RR Practitioner purchase of RR seminar manuals
  • Click on: RR Teacher Book Orders (top left of the Products list)
  • Put the number of copies you want for the books you want to order for your seminar
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on: ADD TO ORDER
  • You will now see what you have ordered and the total for the books. If you have any message, you may write it in the Comments box.
  • If you are a FIRST TIME CUSTOMER (as a teacher) you will fill out the information. If you are a RETURNING CUSTOMER (as a teacher) you will insert your user name and password and click on GO. (New Teachers: we will make sure that Alphagraphics has your name so you can create an account as an RRI Teacher).
  • Insert shipping address and click on CONTINUE
  • The shipping charge is not the exact amount, but a rough estimate. Especially with books to Mexico, the box needs to be weighed before it is shipped by UPS and there may be customs duties later on that need to be charged to your card.
  • The more books you order, the cheaper the shipping cost.
  • Fill out your credit card information

6. Make sure you charge students for the cost of the book, the mailing of the books to Mexico and any customs charges.

7. If you have any problems, you can email Rachael: [email protected] or you can phone her before 12.30 pm at: 480.246.8618. Tell her you are a Teacher from Mexico and explain your difficulty.

Preparing for the Seminar

  • You need to have the SPIRAL UP POSTER (also called the Point of Choice) and the MANDALA POSTER. You will refer to them constantly throughout the Funda seminar. They also add color (for the brain) and create the “RR ATMOSPHERE”. Go to, the Home Study Tab and download from the Fundamentals Teacher Training video.
  • Have the posters printed on BANNER MATERIAL. It is flexible, you can bend it, the colors are better than when printed on cloth, and lamination doesn’t fold.
  • These posters are © and only for your personal use as an RRI teacher. You may not give or sell these posters.
  • The COLOR SCARVES also stimulate the brain and create the RR atmosphere. If you want these, they need to be special ordered (with the symbols etc) through Chloe: [email protected] SUBJECT LINE: special order the seminar scarves for (name person)
  • You will also need a FLIP CHART on a tripod for scribing short practice sessions, and you will need a helper/retaker to scribe the demonstrations, and illustrate the columns etc.


  • no sugar. For example any of the following are good.
  • Fruit: bananas, apples, grapes.
  • Or vegetable sticks with humus dip.
  • A few nuts and raisins. Herb teas are better than caffeine/coffee.


  • You need to have a table behind your chair for all your supplies, books, Kleenex, pens, etc
  • have two chairs: one for you and one for the demonstration client.
  • make sure there is not a window behind you (the chi flows out through the window. In Feng Shui they say to have a solid wall behind you when teaching or giving a presentation.)


  • Choose clothes that are energizing for you and the students who will be looking at you for eight hours!
  • Nice colors that bring pleasure to the Ether Chakra and limbic brain.
  • And wear different clothes on each day you teach.


  • Have name tags prepared for EACH DAY, which students can stick on and remove easily.
  • Name tags hanging round the neck tend to turn over so no one can see the name on the front.
  • Have a non-paying re-taker to help you with:
    • setup
    • snacks
    • time for breaks and lunch
    • scribing the session demonstrations
    • clean up after the seminar
    • jotting down areas that went well and other times when the energy dropped or the interest lagged.
  • It would be excellent to have a “buddy” who is also training to be a Fundamentals teacher. This way you can attend each other’s Funda seminars, help each other and give each other feedback.

Important Points

Please remember
  • ARRIVE EARLY: some students arrive early. You need to set up your personal things so you are ready and free to greet each person as they arrive.
  • Do not allow students to sell their products / multi- level marketing during the seminar. The whole focus needs to be on self-healing and learning, rather than selling. If people want to sell AFTER the seminar, this is their choice.
  • Have students turn off their cell phones and make sure yours is turned off too!

The Day Before You Teach

  • Look through your Fundamentals book and Teaching Cards.
  • Check through the following list of INTENTIONS in the next toggle and make sure you resonate with all of them for this particular seminar.
  • Chloe checks these Intentions before teaching every seminar.
Preparation with intentions before you teach

It’s very important that we resonate with the following Five Element Intentions before we teach any seminar. In fact, you can add your own intentions to this list.

  • For each Intention, think deeply about how you put this Intention into action.
  • We cannot check our resonance with these intentions only once and then expect that our resonance will hold for the rest of our life! We are energy beings, constantly changing, and our life circumstances are constantly changing.
  • Sometimes we teach when our life is going along easily. Other times we teach when we are in the middle of some life challenge.
  • As we shift and grow, unconscious beliefs surface and may cause us to be “off” for many of the Intentions on the following list, that previously we resonated with.
  • You can print this list of Intentions, and check yourself before you teach.
  • (mcs) for the Energizing Option needed for all Intentions you do not resonate with.

FIRE INTENTIONS for teaching

1. I lovingly connect with each student equally.

2. As I teach I consciously make eye contact with each student. I avoid favoring one side of the room or a few students with eye contact. (When doing this it lets you know that your Fire needs help).

3. I bring warmth and humor to my teaching.

4. I enjoy myself, my students and I love teaching Resonance Repatterning.

5. I regularly encourage student interaction and sharing and at the same time keep the seminar moving forward so all the material is covered.

6. I am enthusiastic passing RR on to others.

7. I create a safe space for each student’s learning and healing.

8. I make sure that wherever a student is seated, he/she can see me clearly free of straining or being hidden by someone sitting in front of them.

9. The students are excited learning RR with me and love what they learn.

10. I am in the moment, listening to my intuitive knowing and the insights of my heart.


1. I am oriented towards love and passing on what I know for the benefit of each student in a caring way.

2. I teach from my center. (Earth Constitutionals tend to take care of everyone’s needs “out there,” rather than stay in their center of balance and from that center, take care of others’ needs).

3. I am relaxed when I teach.

4. I am clear about what I need, and I communicate my needs in a loving way (for example, my need for focused attention when demonstrating a Repatterning – no talking or whispering).

5. When a challenge / problem arises, I stay calm, positive and come up with a solution that works for (hopefully) everyone.

6. I am grounded.

7. I stay in the present moment.


1. I respect each person in the group. Each person feels valued by me.

2. My language is positive (free of put-downs, ‘No’, ‘that’s not correct’).

3. I avoid diminishing or laughing at a student.

4. I value what each person shares (and clarify it for the group if what is shared is confused, or not quite correct, in a way that the student feels valued and respected).

5. Each student appreciates what he/she is learning. 6. I maintain good posture throughout the seminar eg Avoid a collapsed spine or standing on one foot (rather than a straight spine and

balanced on both feet), as the negative posture has a de-energizing effect on everyone).

7. I think before I answer. If I don’t know an answer, I tell the students “that’s a good question. I’ll find out what other RR teachers would say about that.”

8. I re-frame negatives into the positive (eg “Almost there” or “what’s another possibility” – using humor. Or “I would just add that…”)


1. I am full of energy.

2. I lovingly / calmly set boundaries on negative behavior.

3. I contain the energy of the group.

4. I am aware when the group energy drops and I do something to rejuvenate the energy (usually standing up, moving, dancing).

5. I make choices in how and what I teach that make learning easy.

6. I take care of my health, the food I eat and exercise so I have all the energy I need in my life and for teaching.

7. I have all the skill and ability I need to be a wonderful teacher.

8. I face my fears and move forward with courage.

WOOD INTENTIONS for teaching

1. I am patient.

2. I am focused, free of distractions (I get students to turn off all cell phones for the duration of the seminar).

3. I take a pause and breathe in order to avoid being reactive, angry or blaming.

4. I make good decisions for the benefit of the group.

5. Even if provoked, I stay calm and ask myself (or the person) ‘What does he/she/you need?’

6. I avoid feeling frustrated by a student, knowing that if I am frustrated I will lose the group. (Even if students are frustrated by a student, they do not want you as the teacher to be frustrated! They want you to have understanding, to find out what is really going on for the student – who is often a “voice” for the whole group).

7. I follow a clear structure so students learn step by step with a sense of ease and confidence.

8. I have a vision of what is possible for each student.

9. I am free of judgments of right and wrong and come from understanding.

10. I share what I am seeing in a helpful, loving and tactful way.

11. I am positively assertive, when this is needed.

12. I have an excellent sense of timing, and get through all the material free of time pressures.

13. I am confident.

14. I am optimistic.

15. I welcome the growth and transformation in myself and each student that is provided by each seminar I teach.